The cost of solar power systems to run low, almost no maintenance, spare parts do not need, do not need to add fuel. **********   Solar energy systems can be run automatically, in the absence of duty stations for the use of. **********   Does not contain any parts operation, the system can work in a row, more than a couple of 20-year service life. **********   Module has a good characteristics of the load under the current demand for custom-specific, future expansion. **********   No need for access roads and power grids, in the absence of the local power grid, solar flexibility to select sites for possible.
Solar Street Lighting Systems
PV street line systems consists of one PV module, battery, White Light Emitted Diode (W-LED) luminary, electronic controller other mounting hardware and cable kit as per the bill of material.

The PV module is a laminate type and has been designed for long life. The capacity of the module is 1 no. of 12 V, 74 Wp. The low maintenance type lead acid battery of 12 V – 80 Ah capacities is designed with tubular anode and positive pasted cathode. It is capable of withstanding discharges up to maximum 85% of its rated capacity at SOC. The autonomy of the battery is 3 – 4 days; if sun is not there that time can work without fail.

The electronic controller is rated for suitable capacity. The high frequency of the inverter completely eliminates the requirement of choke and starter. The solid state electronic controller is designed for dusk to dawn automatic operation. The switching will be done by sensing the SPV panel voltage.

Lamp test push button switch to test the lamp service ability during day time is provided. An optional ON/OFF switch is provided to switch ON/OFF the system in addition to the dusk to dawn automatic operation.

The W-LED luminary light fitting is suitable for outdoor applications. PVC insulated tinned copper cable is provided for inter connections of the system. The lamp post with provision for mounting PV module and battery box designed to withstand 150 kms/hour wind speed. The lamp post, mounting structure are galvanized and battery box is suitably painted for outdoor applications.

Angle arrangement: The module may be oriented to any direction and fixed to the pole, however, it should be facing south direction at an adjustable of 150 (N-S) to 450 (N-S).
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