The cost of solar power systems to run low, almost no maintenance, spare parts do not need, do not need to add fuel. **********   Solar energy systems can be run automatically, in the absence of duty stations for the use of. **********   Does not contain any parts operation, the system can work in a row, more than a couple of 20-year service life. **********   Module has a good characteristics of the load under the current demand for custom-specific, future expansion. **********   No need for access roads and power grids, in the absence of the local power grid, solar flexibility to select sites for possible.
Installation & Commissioning Operation & Maintenance
Augni Renewable Energy System (India) Private Limited is plunked for installation of solar power plants anywhere in the country on Turnkey basis including Design, Supply, Erection, and Testing & Commissioning.
The activities include installation of solar mounting structures beneath one crown covering:
AUGNISOLAR under takes Module interconnections, Formation of Strings & Arrays,
DC cable laying & Terminations, Installation & Commissioning of AJBs & SSBs,
Inverters Installation & Commissioning
Earthing & Lightening Works
Complete Design, Supply & Installation of required earthing & Lightening System, the detailed scope includes Earth Pits, Earth Strip Laying, Lightening arrestor supply and commissioning of LA, LPR for Structures, Frame earthling for PV Modules.
AC Scope of works & Grid Synchronization Complete AC Electrical Installations Cable laying & Termination from inverter O/P to transformer Making of transformer yard & switch yard HT cable laying & termination Supply of HT panels Supply & Commissioning of Power Transformer Grid Synchronization
AUGNISOLAR after installation by appointing a skilled technical person for operating and maintenance of the plant on the basis of Annual Maintenance Contract. Otherwise we will provide on the installation training to one of the selected employee of the customer to operate and maintenance of the power plant. 
Rooftop Solar System
Solar Netmetering System
Solar Power Projects
Solar Home Lighting Systems
Solar Street Lighting Systems
Solar Water Heaters
Solar Security Fencing
Solar Water Pumping systems
Complete transparency in implementing the projects
To execute the projects under the supervision of expert team having profound knowledge.
Customer satisfaction is the first and foremost motto of the company.
Exploitation of latest information technology while executing the projects.